Charles Robinson for City Council District 4

Charles Robinson is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina and is a true link of the community who believes that everyone has a purpose especially the youth of today. He serves as the Founder and Executive Director of One Time Inc. and has been working in the community for more than a decade with various organizations.  He is a licensed notary public, a North Carolina Peer Support Specialist, was nominated for the Mayor’s Mentoring Alliance Award for Mentor of the Year in 2018, was a Black Man Rock recipient in 2019 for his commitment to community, and was awarded by CUC 100 a Humanitarian Certificate for his continuing support in meeting the community right where it is.  He is truly a servant of the community.

Charles Robinson is determined to provide communities with opportunities to pursue dreams and achieve goals. In conjunction with paving the way for academic success, Robinson’s objective is to stop violence in a community that is already beset by a host of challenges. He works on building Charlotte North Carolina by going into our hard hit areas with programs aimed to help at risk youth. He also annually coordinates a host of organizations and collaborates to provide free backpacks and other supplies for the upcoming school years.  He has been determined to help not only at risk youth but young adults, veterans, and homeless families.  The goal is to break the cycle of poverty and generational stigmas.

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