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  • Create and organize plans to raise sufficient funds to meet the needs. While carefully adhering tocampaign finance laws.
  • Donors/Sponsorships-develop a list of potential donors an sponsors and make the ask
  • Events and Activities

Field Operations

  • Canvassing/Grassroots – walking neighborhoods, distributing literature, encouraging neighbors and friends to support candidate, getting voters to the polls on Election Day
  • Survey research – Use qualitative and quantitative research to determine strengths and weaknesses with voters ,geographically and among demographic groups, how you stand vis-a-vis opponents, how voters feel about the key issues.


  • Website, social media (facebook), brochures, press kit, press releases, e-mail newsletter
  • Email and Direct Mail (targeting carefully)
  • Advertising (newspaper, TV, radio)
  • Look for opportunities to place stories and positive mentions in the news media. Pay attention to your on-line profiles